green cross difference

What Makes Green Cross Different?

We protect the health of your valuable, sometimes irreplaceable, trees and shrubs. We also protect the health of the environment, our team members, and your family.

How do we do that? We monitor and manage insect, disease, soil, and cultural problems to help us formulate least toxic means control strategies.  This is complicated.  We see over 270 species of trees and shrubs, 100 species of insects, and 40 different diseases in the conduct of our work each year.  There are hundreds of organic and synthetic pesticides available to us for the management of pest problems.  Knowing what to treat, when, how, and with what, in order to optimize plant, environmental, and human health is a significant task and a great responsibility.

The widely employed tree and shrub care industry model involves using the cheapest labor and the cheapest pesticides in order to provide the lowest price.  The problem is some of the cheapest pesticides are also the most toxic.

One example is an insecticide called dimethoate, which is marketed most commonly as either Cygon or Dimate.  Dimethoate is a 1950s era broad spectrum organophosphate insecticide.  It’s cheap and very effective at controlling a variety of different insect pests.   However, the EPA has identified dimethoate as a “possible” carcinogen.  For every pest problem dimethoate solves there is an organic or reduced risk alternative.  Those alternatives cost more and require more frequent application, which means more labor expense.  Dimethoate is just one example of a cheap, effective, and widely used pesticide that can increase the risk of cancer in your family.  There are many others.

That’s the difference between Green Cross and all of our competitors.  We have a sophisticated, long term, holistic perspective that includes protecting not just the health of your plants, but also the health of the environment, our team members, and your family.    We are not the cheapest company of our kind out there but because we look out for the health of your family we believe we provide the best value.

Are we strictly organic?  No.  We use organic pesticides whenever we can.  We use synthetic pesticides when we have to.  Among both organic and synthetic pesticides there is a wide range of toxicity however.  For example, there are many newer synthetic pesticides on the market classified as “reduced risk” by the EPA.  We spend a lot of time vetting these and other products.  We are keenly aware of the choices and alternatives available and this enables us to make wise decisions.   This nuance, the ability and willingness to differentiate among pesticides of differing human toxicities, is something you won’t find anywhere except at Green Cross.

Further, we invite our clients to be as involved or as uninvolved in our decision making process as they like.  Clients can tell us they want to be strictly organic and we will be.  They can tell us to make exceptions at our discretion.  They can participate in deciding what exceptions should be made and when.  Green Cross is the only tree and shrub care company out there with the knowledge, experience, perspective, and interest necessary to pull this off.  We call it Intelligent Tree and Shrub Care.  It does cost more, but we think you and your family are worth it.